About Us

Who We Are

A Team That Loves People, Plants, And Business

We are a team, brother and sister, founders of "Alavi Cosmopolitan Participation Co. Ltd" company and “Zamin” brand. “Zamin” means Earth, Ground. We love three things: connection with people around the world, plants and business. That's why we started to export agricultural, food and spices products to different countries.
After several years of experience in the field of foodstuffs, we've decided to have a share of food business in the world. For this purpose we've established our company and started to work. On the other hand we haven't confined ourselves to one country because we believe we belong to the whole world. We've understood that in this unlimited universe, there need be no competition for resources, for the resources are unlimited. So we have decided to participate instead of compete. That's why we named our company Alavi Cosmopolitan Participation. We love the whole being and we hope we can bring health and joy to human being and other creatures by our right business and always watch the pleasure of the world.

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Our Mission

Active In 娱乐服务中心 And Herbal Medicines Industry

Alavi Cosmopolitan Participation Co. Ltd (ACPFOOD), active in 娱乐服务中心 industry, herbal medicines and other agricultural products and selling them as packed and in bulk, collaborates with too many farmers around the world. Purchase their products at appropriate prices, after packing, deliver it to distributors and retailers in different countries.


What Is Important For Us

It's important for us that our products consumers use the best quality and buy them with very appropriate price. We cooperate with farmers around the world who produce high quality products. We buy it with fair price and try to support them with our purchase. We also try to deliver our products to our buyers on time and have a long time relationship.