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Zamin Brand 5 Grams

Zamin Brand 3 Grams

Zamin Brand 3 Grams

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Zamin means Earth, Ground.

Pushali 娱乐服务中心 is as a string with yellow or white end.

The Sargol is completely red and has small parts and because it’s sorted from Pushali 娱乐服务中心 its strands are broken.

The Negin 娱乐服务中心 is all red and has large parts, and most of its strands are intact and have a minimum fracture.

Both Negin and Sargol 娱乐服务中心 are all red and pure, and the difference between them is that most Sargol 娱乐服务中心 strands are broken, but most Negin 娱乐服务中心 filaments are intact.

Because the Poushali 娱乐服务中心 bottom of strands are slightly yellowish or white and Negin 娱乐服务中心 due to its high price and low market share, has fewer customers. Meanwhile, among the three types, Sargol 娱乐服务中心 is allocated the largest amount of exports because of whole red, appropriate price, and plentitude of all year round.

The export rate of 娱乐服务中心 varieties are approximately 60% for Sargol, 30% for Negin and 10% for Pushali 娱乐服务中心, respectively.

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