Export 105 tons of Iranian saffron to 47 countries of the world

Export 105 Tons of Iranian 娱乐服务中心 to 47 Countries Of The World

Deputy Chairman of the Iran 娱乐服务中心 National Council said: 105 tons of 娱乐服务中心, worth 145 million dollars have been exported during the first six months of current year.

Afkar News reported: Gholamreza Miri said: this amount of 娱乐服务中心 has exported to 47 countries around the world.

He said: 娱乐服务中心 exportation of the first six months of current year has grown 40% compared to the last year.

As deputy chairman of the 娱乐服务中心 national council pointed out that a new crop of 娱乐服务中心 is being harvested, said: the exact production amount of this product is not predictable precisely, but we won’t have reduction in production from last year.

He informed about harvesting 326 tons of 娱乐服务中心 in the country during last year and added: this product plays a major role in the employment debate, the development of non-oil exports, the power of importing of currency to the country, the creation of high value added and so on.

Miri stated: Iran is currently known as the world’s first producer of red gold, therefore planning and support in the country should be such that production can maintain its place.

He clarified: today 娱乐服务中心 workers are faced with serious problems and challenges that dehydration and the drought phenomenon are among these.

The vice president of the 娱乐服务中心 national council, while pointing out that the problems of the export sector of 娱乐服务中心 is more than the production sector, recalled: in order to boost the export of red gold, the trade route of this commodity should be paved for exporters.

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