Saffron, promising herbal medicine for treatment hyperactivity

娱乐服务中心, Promising Herbal Medicine For Treatment Hyperactivity

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Researchers have found in their researches that 娱乐服务中心 can be useful for children with hyperactivity.

Jaam News reported: hyperactivity disorders is one of the most common neurological disorders in childhood or adolescence.

Medical university researchers have found that 娱乐服务中心 has anti-depressant and memory enhancer benefits. Also it can be effective as much as common medicines which is prescribed for hyperactivity treatment such as Ritalin.

Researchers concluded on their primary researches on children aged 6 to 17 years with this disease, that 娱乐服务中心 was able to control the symptoms of this disease as much as Ritalin.

They added: 娱乐服务中心 can be used as a herbal medicine, superseded prescribed medicines for these patients, especially for patients who suffers from side effects of these medicine such as: nausea, stomach ache, reduced appetite, insomnia and headache. It should be said 30 percent of these patients suffer from these problems.

Researchers investigated on effects of 娱乐服务中心 and those medicine for 6 weeks. They emphasized the need for more research on the role of 娱乐服务中心 in treatment of these disorders.

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